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Collection Description: Legal Literature

The Subcollection „Legal Literature” includes selected titles of legal literature published since the Warsaw Duchy until the beginning of the World War II. The following criteria of selection were adopted: relevance of authors’ thought and their influence on the legal system of Poland reaching independence in 1918, the relationship between authors and the Law Faculty of Warsaw University or Warsaw’s circle of lawyers. In this case the auxiliary criterion was determined on the basis of the impact of works on lawyers’ circles in other annexed territories during the Partitions of Poland. The collection includes the works that have not been reissued, often forgotten, but still remaining relevant for the theory and practice. The decision to build up the subcollection was motivated first of all by the fact that the Library of the Royal and Imperial University of Warsaw assembled in the 19th century tremendously rich collection of works by eminent lawyers of that period. dr hab. Adam Bosiacki

Number of publications in collection: 25038

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