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New way of viewing publications in a digital library

Version 52, Mozilla Firefox no longer supports plugins with NPAPI interfaces, including DjVu and Java.

In this situation, we advise:

- using Google Chrome ( it works faster) and the DjVu converter - HTML 5 (publications display method)
- using Internet Explorer browser (remember to install the proper software)
- use files locally, after downloading them to disc
- installing Firefox browser in ESR version (with long support)

We encourage to use manual provided on the Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library website.

Search content in publications in PDF format

The digital library of the University of Warsaw documents are in various formats - DjVu and PDF. You can search DjVu content directly after opening a document on the library page. For PDF documents, searching will be possible when you open a document in a new window or in a new browser tab. Then use the "Find" option or the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F.

Viewing DjVu without installing Plugins

DLibra software developers have created a mechanism which allows browsing digital libraries content without installing additional plugins. The mechanism is based on HTML5 technology.

How to use?
After opening a publication, from the menu given on the left side select Display Options and change them to DjVu - HTML5.


This option does not give You the option of full-text search or tekst excerpt. Using HTML5 technology is also associated with a slower opening up of publications.

Problems with viewing publications in Google Chrome

Problems with viewing publications in a digital library using Google Chrome browser result from the fact that support for NPAPI interface (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) is switched off by default. If you want to view DjVu files you should use other browsers - such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

How to view documents in DjVu format?

Most of the documents in the digital library of the University of Warsaw [e-bUW] is presented in DjVu format. To view files, we recommend installing a plugin, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Unix/Linux: http://djvu.sourceforge.net/
*Windows: http://djvu.com/download/
*OS X: https://www.cuminas.jp/en/downloads/download_en/
*Note! Appropriate operating system must be selected on the site.

In case of any problems while opening the publication in the DjVu format using the Java applet appear, we suggest a useful help (only in polish) created by librarians from the Pedagogical Digital Library.