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Project description

e-bUW – the digital library of the University of Warsaw is built by the University libraries, Archive and Museum with University of Warsaw Library as the main project leader and contributor.

e-bUW offers access to public domain documents (unprotected by copyright) and digital reproductions of documents published by the University staff.

In the process of selecting documents to be included in e-bUW collections, the following factors are taken into consideration: usefulness for the current research processes at the University; usefulness for the education processes, in particular distant learning (e-learning); importance for the protection of national heritage (in the case of historical objects held by Warsaw University Library and faculty libraries); bad condition (acid and brittle paper, foxing, spots left by water or mould, etc.); importance to the distribution of knowledge on the cultural heritage of Warsaw City and Mazovia Region, particularly in the case of ephemera, manuscripts, prints and drawings. Documents are selected by the librarians, academic lecturers and other University staff who consult the development of e-bUW.

The original documents and their digital reproductions in e-bUW collections are provided with separate bibliographic records entered into NUKAT union catalog (with the exclusion of documents for which no cataloging instructions have been prepared so far – those documents only receive NUKAT authority records). e-bUW documents also are identified by separate bibliographic descriptions in the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) of University of Warsaw Library and faculty libraries.

At the preliminary stage of its development e-bUW will consist of the following collections (gradually collections will be subdivided and new categories will be defined for subcollections and single objects stored in e-bUW):

Cultural heritage
This collection includes the digital reproductions of the most valuable objects held by University of Warsaw Library and faculty libraries: manuscripts, incunabula, early prints, books and maps.

This collection includes the digital reproductions of publications authored by the University staff, in particular the staff of the University library and information system (whole books or their excerpts, papers, etc.)

History of the University of Warsaw and University of Warsaw Library
This collection includes the digital reproductions of books, manuscripts, ephemera and prints presenting the history of the University and its Library. The University librarians and the University Archive and Museum staff select documents from the collections of the University Archive and Museum as well as the collections of other institutions, e.g. the Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw or the Archives of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Science and education
This collection includes the digital reproductions of source texts, heraldry books, dictionaries, bibliographies, manuals and reading list items used in the research and education at the University of Warsaw